Track day preparation :


I have attended two track day events so far - not very impressive considering how much fun it was

The first event was in August 2009, and I completed all four sessions.
It was pouring all days and the track was WET! Anyway this gave me a very good idea of the grip, balance and handling of the car in these conditions. Further, with these amount of water the load on engine and brakes are less hard.
The second event was in September 2010, the weather was a lot better, sunny and mid 20's. I was hot too, so I gave it all what it could take, and a little more... Part of the elements in the center coupling left the coupling and got jammed between the body and the gear lever when I rev'ed the engine to 6700 rpm.
I managed only 7 or 8 laps, but the car proved to be fast during accelerations, compared to a lot of newer cars. Still it is an old car and the brakes and the lack of ABS gives me a disadvantage before the cornering.


As I have attended twice I'm beginning to have a better idea of what to bring. Please E-mail me if you have further suggestions!


  • Jack and two stands

  • Wheel wrench

  • Spare wheel's)

  • Steel wire, plastic strips, duct tape and strapping band

  • Spare hoses, for coolant, fuel, etc.

  • Extra spark plugs

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Spare fuel pump

  • Tarpaulin, to place under the car in case of doing repair, or over the tools in case of rain

  • Assorted bolts, screws, nuts and washers

  • Oil (for motor, brakes, gearbox etc.)

  • Extra fuel, high octane

  • Hose for bleeding of brake cylinders

  • Spare set of brake pads (just some old ones, to bring you home safely in case the race pads are destroyed)

  • Pressure measuring device for tire pressure and pump (or even better a compressor)

  • Clothing for racing and repairing (race approved helmet, gloves and shoes)

The brake fluid should be new, and of the expensive type which can cope with the heat


Check the car thoroughly prior to leaving home, as this has to go from home to the racetrack, race on the track, and back home again in one piece
(in any case it is a good idea to have the car insured, and have a prepaid tow service)


In Denmark, Track day events is often covered by your own insurance, as this is to be considered as a practice under controlled circumstances
(You should always check with your insurance company)