Knutstorp September 2006. Clubrace 1 + 2 + 3 and Historic
This event took place on a sunny and warm day in Sweden.
Delicate sound of THUNDER ! Jacob R. Gehlert and Bent Lishmann 
(in front)
Jacob B. Ryttergaard and Bent Lishmann 
Frederik Philipsen 
(a guy from work)
Jacob R. Gehlert 
(also from work)
Unfortunately Bent had a close encounter with a 33 and the crash barrier
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DeTomaso Pantera Going into "Tändstiften" during warm up Going down the straight Frederik's boss as a matter of fact... His GTV was totaled, but Bent was only shocked, he has now started working on a new GTV
  Bent is driving his GTV 2.0 TS Jacob is driving a 75 2.0 Turbo Frederik is driving a slightly modified VW Golf 1.8    

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