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Lars Jacobsen
Denmark Alfetta QO 1984 See all over this web site!
172.000 km
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Bo Jørgensen   Denmark Alfetta 2000 GTV 1976 1 owner!
95.000 km
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Daniel Egebjerg Denmark Alfetta GTV6 3.0 1985 Columbo & Bariani camshafts, Shankle manifold.
Side vented race discs and brakes all way round, steel reinforced brake hoses.
Replica "Grand Prix" back skirt from which has been painted bumpers has been modified and painted as well, to give an overall impression.
The twin exhaust is custom made in 2" piping and is assembled in one pipe where it crosses the rear axle. Here after there has been mounted a 2,5" Simons sports rear exhaust and the rest of the piping is manufactured in 2,5" incl. the chromed rear exhaust pipes.
Fitted with yellow Koni’s and has been lowered 45 mm.

It runs on 7,5 x 17" Rial F1 split rims fitted with 215/40 tires in the front and 235/40 on the back.
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Biser   Bulgaria Alfa 75 2.0 TS   Currently working on a modified manifold
Ib Holm Nielsen   Denmark Alfetta 2000 (carburetor)   Best Berlina in Denmark 2007
Cyril France Alfetta GTV 1979 Check out his web site - a lot of nice pics of different Alfa's (mostly transaxles)
Jørgen Weinreich   Denmark Alfetta 1976 Jørgen is currently working on restoring this nice vehicle