Repairs and modifications made on the interior on my Alfetta QO

When I first got my "new" car it looked like s... on the inside. The seats were all filled with sweat, and were very dirty yyrkk... The original seats were driven be electric motors and worked fine ...when I stood next to them on the pavement. I got hold of two seats from a Alfa Romeo 75 TS, as well as the backrest for the back seat. The guy I got it from, only had the cover for the back seat, but it fitted easily on my own old back seat. The "new" seats are all pretty nice, off cause these are not new, but everything fitted quite Ok (had to switch the two front left to right and right to left in order to be able to fit the back adjustment wheel).
The interior on the inside of the doors were also dirty, and was in needed a touch up.
The ceiling of the car was hanging, as the glue holding it into to place no longer performed its main purpose. The old ceiling has been removed and a new has been refitted (this work is not something that I'm too proud of).
I wanted to install a standard size head unit in order to listen to some music, (other than that from the four cylinders from the front of the car). Since the car was not fitted with a standard hole for this unit, I had to remove the ashtray (don't use it anyway) and manufacture a small wooden plate and bracket for mounting of the head unit. I have mounted four new 6" two way JBL speakers with black trim, and a KENWOOD 150 Watt power amplifier. I have installed new wiring for the power to the head unit as well as the power amplifier, new cables for the speakers (also in the doors). My intention with this is just to be able to listen to some music, I have no intentions to enter a play as loud as possible contest.
The interior has been replaced with seats from an Alfa 75, these almost fit right in, I only needed to do some minor adjustments to the brackets of the two front seats. The left and right front seat were switched in order to be able to make them fit. The wheels for operating the backrest conflicted with the B-column.
The trip computer has been removed, as I would like to install a analogue clock instead. So far I'm still searching. Inside covering for front and rear door. Before and after respectively.
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