Repairs and modifications made on my Alfetta QO so far (November 2010)
Since I live in a row house, with less than poor possibilities to perform any major work to the car, everything takes 2-3 times longer than expected, and that's even taken into account that I'm a total rookie when it comes to DIY car repair. The fact that I'm married, have two kids, a full time job, and a couple of other hobbies doesn't really help to speed up the process of finishing the car... Well OK, the car is on the road a couple of times every month, and I ENJOY every single kilometer I drive it !!!
The original engine hasn't been touched, other than some needed replacements of bad wires and hoses, bit's and pieces, a set of new spark plugs, some fresh oil, oil filter etc. It runs pretty good and is very stable. I burns next to no oil, and will go anywhere between 10 - 12 km pr. liter fuel. Quite OK, considered the way I drive it. The original engine was swapped with a 2.0 liter Twin Spark engine from a Alfa 75 in 2007, not that the original engine was faulty or anything, I just wanted some more power, and now I'm on it once more, as I'm the process of modifying yet another 2 liter TS engine - the target is 180+ horse power at 4000 revs. See new link below.
The electrics is the usual sad story (why even bother making everything electric when you know you can't make it work) Well, it seems that the Italians don't know their own limitations and when to say stop...
The transmission has been replaced with a renovated Alfa 75 2.0 TS transmission which changes gears and runs smoothly.
See these pages for details on the body work I have done so far.
Pages with details on the work on the Engine and transmission I have done so far.  
Engine for my tuning project has been acquired, follow the progress here Under construction and consideration - comments are welcome
See these pages for details on the Brakes, wheels and suspension on my car.
See these pages for details off my Stereo in my car. Under construction
and a little on the interior part of the car. Also under construction
Suspension : Lowered approx. 30 mm, front torsion bars has taken from an Alfa GTV 2.5, the rear springs has been lowered, front anti sway bar has been taken from an Alfa 75 3.0 V6. The original shock absorbers has been replaced by brand new red adjustable KONI's (oil filled). All rubber bushings has been renewed in the undercarriage.