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I'm the happy owner of a nice Alfa Romeo Alfetta Quadrifoglio d'Oro 2.0 I.E. 
This particular car came off the assembly line March 5th 1984, and was registered for the first time June 22nd in 1984 on the Italian market. The car was imported to Denmark in the spring 2000. It has been subject to major bodywork at the rear and some minor work here and there and is now in a fairly decent condition. It is almost completely fixed, but still need some body work to rear C-columns, and some of the usual tedious electrical work (a new paint job would do wonders...). 

I have installed motor, gearbox and front brakes from a 1988 Alfa 75 2.0 TS, as well as other modifications in order to improve performance and handling.
You can read more about this under the repair section.

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